26 July 2009


What's most important about I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets!, a collection of early comic writer/artist Fletcher Hanks's innocently twisted work, is that it's the book from whence this blog draws its title: "You shall become a frozen spacite!" can be found in a comic featuring Stardust the Super-Wizard (with his "scientific use of rays"), who along with Fantomah of Jungleland (with her "superior abilities") is one of the recurring characters created by Hanks. Hanks, its important to point out, seems to have been kind of crazy (he froze to death on a New York park bench, incidentally), but crazy in such a way as to gift him with the ability to come up with fantastic ideas such as the Floating Frozen Space Prison and countless anti-gravity rays of all shapes and sizes. Hanks, truly though, is pretty much impossible to describe (that's why this post makes so little sense; that, and I'm really fucking tired). You've got to see this stuff to believe it, and see it I recommend you do. For that reason, I've included a true rarity for this blog--a second illustration:

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