23 November 2009

Where did you go to?

OK: remember a while ago, when I posted a whole bunch of different titles and assured you that I would, eventually, get around to posting reviews as well? Not going to happen. You see, my computer's been somewhat on the fritz for what, like a month now? I've been scraping by, but breaking a lot of promises in the course of doing so. Anyway, I'm giving up on all that shit at this point. Here's a list of stuff I read and how much I liked it...

-John Pelan & Benjamin Adams, eds.: Children of Cthulhu- Chilling new tales inspired by H.P. Lovecraft (B)
-Ray Bradbury: The Halloween Tree (A+)
-Peter Ackroyd: Hawksmoor (A-)
-Stanislaw Lem: The Chain of Chance (A)
-Ingvar Amjorsen: Elling (A+)
-David Lodge: Changing Places (A)
-Massimo Carlotto: The Goodbye Kiss (A+)
-James Carville: Forty More Years (B)
-Alan Furst: The Foreign Correspondent (B+)

That's all you're getting, seriously.

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