06 June 2009

Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams: GREEN LANTERN / GREEN ARROW, Vol. I and II

Whoa! Two Dennis O'Neal collections in a row! This is just getting crazy (in truth, I'm just reading a lot of comic books for escapist purposes, because you can't just keep applying for jobs forever. At least, not without some reason for hope. Not that there's no reason for hope, which is why I eventually start again. That, and my addictions to eating / drinking, wearing clothes, and sleeping underneath a roof)! This time around, we've got his complete Green Lantern / Green Arrow run, with art by the inimitable Neal Adams (probably my favorite comic book artist? Tough to say, but the man can really draw...). I loved these books, but then I was already inclined to: Green Lantern was my favorite DC hero--hell, my favorite hero, period--growing up (maybe rivaled by Batman), and Green Arrow's been my favorite since I discovered social democracy (well, at least since I discovered that he discovered social democracy, which confuses the timeline a bit, but you get the point: I've always liked Green Lantern, and now also like Green Arrow. Got it?). Add to that the fact that these were groundbreaking comics (they were, however cheesy they seem now; Speedy on heroin is still a great story, forty years or so later), and, well, they're just great. GL is the straight-laced, law and order sort, GA the rowdier, bawdier believer in freedom, equality and the kind of justice that law and order don't always mete out. So, yeah: these are great stories, not just great comics, and deserve their A+.

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