08 June 2009


Let's get something straight, before I start to write to write about this book: I like Paul Krugman because I like John Maynard Keynes, and I like John Maynard Keynes because he's the World's Greatest Economist, Ever (and not in the least outdated, thank-you-very-much-economics-professors-nationwide). That being said, I also like The Return of Depression Economics, which should now come as no surprise. Our current recession has not been the most kind to me--I'm currently unemployed, uninsured, and rather unhappy about all of that--and I've never liked Reaganomics, anyway. So I'm squarely on Krugman's side, here. That being said, I wouldn't call Return the best Krugman book by any means; it's an alright introduction to the root causes of the current crisis, but in general Krugman is a better writer when all he's got to work with is a single column (otherwise, he risks both sounding overly polemical, and overly repetitive if you've read his columns/other books with any regularity). Would I recommend reading this book? Yes, I would. Strongly, in fact, given the current economic situation. But from a solely-literary standpoint, it's not one of Krugman's best, and I'm only going to be able to hand it a B-. But hey, it's a solid B-, whatever that means.

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