15 September 2009

Loose ends...

It's come time for me to remark on a couple of things. In fact, I'll try to limit it to exactly a couple, so as not to wear your patience too thin. Here goes:

THING #1: After months upon months of complaining about the state of young people's employment in this country, I've finally secured some of it for myself, and thus will need to stop complaining about that in particular (at least until I've figured out a different way in which to do so). No, I'm not changing my party registration to Republican or abandoning my social democratic principles--but I might start reading a little bit less (although I can't say that for sure), and thus posting reviews somewhat less often. I hope not, you hope not, but let's not get our hopes up too much, eh? Better to be pleasantly surprised than to have them dashed (finding work, by the way, means replacing the job search with the graduate school search. I'd appreciate suggestions on what I should study and where, as I'll be spending the next couple years conducting that search [as well, presumably, as one of my innermost soul, in order to determine exactly what I should be studying] in tremendous and exacting detail. I'm not rushing this, and don't see any reason why I should).

THING #2: By now, I should by all accounts have posted here a review of DC Comics' 52, a year-long weekly book describing an otherwise missing year in the DCU. Only...I can't. I've only read 75% of the issues, and can't get a hold of the last 25%. Why is this? Because I don't own them, the Free Library of Philadelphia does. And the FLP has suspended all holds and branch transfer requests indefinitely, since it might very well be shutting down at the beginning of October. "What?!" you exclaim. "The middle of the school year, and Philadelphia's public library system shutting down? But why?! What an outrage, this!" Well, you're right, you're 100% right, but it's not their fault, it's not Mayor Nutter's fault, it's not our fault. Blame, as always, the Pennsylvania legislature (Motto: Political gamesmanship trumps public service...always). What can you do about this? Well, I won't bother going into it in too much detail, but you should tell somebody who CAN do something to do it, and fast. The FLP has more to say, and a letter of support I'd highly recommend mailing to your state representative, here: http://www.library.phila.gov/about/actionnow.htm. If we don't do something about this, I may NEVER read that last volume of 52, and where would we be, then?

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